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Tempo Electric Power Cords

The Big Twist Power Cords have been discontinued. This page is being left for historic reference.
The Standard 14 Gauge Molded AC Cord is still available.

Audio Grade Custom AC Power Cords

In 2005, we began fabricating our own AC Power (Mains) Cords and now offer these on a custom-made basis for listeners have neither the time nor the resources for DIY. In fact, our custom power cords cost about as much as you might otherwise spend on equivalent home-brew. How can we do this? As an OEM, we're able to buy wire and connectors in bulk at wholesale prices. We sell them for the equivalent of typical retail prices and the spread between the two covers our overhead and manufacturing costs. Since we only sell direct, you're basically buying them at wholesale, too.
You don't have to be a millionaire to own a high-end power cord. We offer several variations to meet both your budget and your level of obsession.
The Big TwistTM Custom Power Cord
The Big TwistTM Custom Power Cord is fabricated from stranded, 12 Gauge (3.3mm2), Teflon® insulated, silver-plated copper wire. Then the wire bundle is covered with a braided copper shield (100% coverage) and is wrapped again with heavy gauge Teflon® tape. The whole package is inserted into flexible, convoluted PVC tubing for protection and a blue or black woven nylon cover is slipped over the tubing for æesthetic appeal. The ends are then terminated with your choice of Audio Grade or Economy AC connectors.
The science behind our AC cords is relatively simple:
  • The larger the wire gauge, the lower the overall resistance. Recent and new construction, as well as renovated vintage buildings, are usually wired in-wall with 12 Gauge (3.3mm2) conductors. When you plug a smaller gauge power cord into a wall socket that's fed by 12 Gauge conductors, the thinner wire acts like a resistor. In simple terms, it transforms current into heat, rather than allowing it to pass without loss from one end to the other. It's the same principle that causes a fuse to blow when there's a current overload. Our 12 Gauge power cord acts like an extension of your in-wall wiring, with no loss of power from the wall socket to your audio component. 10 gauge (5.2mm2) cords are also available to mate with 30 Amp, 10 AWG (5.2mm2) in-wall wiring.
  • Conventional copper wiring is subject to oxidation. Our copper wire is silver-plated to counteract the degradation associated with copper oxide. While copper oxide is a dead, non-conductive medium, silver oxide is still silver and is still conductive. Therefore, any oxidation that may occur has no effect on the conductivity of the wire.
  • Conventional wire is insulated with PVC and is typically run with the conductors in parallel. Ours is insulated with Teflon® and given a gentle twist from beginning to end. Teflon's superior dielectric (insulating) factor, combined with the twisted geometry, minimizes the effects of magnetism between the conductors.
  • The full-length, braided copper shield offers the best defense against the attraction of RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) or the radiation of EMI (Electro-Mechanical Interference). This means that our custom cords will not interfere or interact with nearby audio signals (or with each other).
The bottom line is that heavier the wire, the better the insulation and shielding, the cleaner the AC signal. What's the practical effect? You'll hear a quieter background, increased dynamics, more detail, and superior bass. We were long-time sceptics when it came to power cords, but numerous direct comparisons with stock cords made us believers. We feel confident in saying that you can spend 10 times as much and still not achieve better performance.
30 Amp Custom Power Cord
Our Big TwistTM AC Power Cords are made-to-order in any length. To date, we've made them as short as two feet and as long as 20 feet, but there is really no practical limit. European and Asian power plugs by Furutech, as well as 20 Amp WattGate IEC connectors or 30 Amp Hubbell Professional Grade connectors, are available on special order.
The Standard 14 Gauge (4mm2) Molded AC Cord
If you're on a very tight budget or need a stock replacement, we also offer a good quality, 14 Gauge (4mm2), shielded cord with moulded plugs at each end. For a true bargain basement price, they will outperform any original 16 or 18 gauge stock power cord. Only available in 6 foot (1.84 meter) lengths with North American connectors.
Standard Power Cord

PricesPlus shipping from Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, USA
Power Cord
14 Gauge (4mm2) 15A shielded power cord, with molded IEC Female and North American Male connectors
$20.00/6 feet (1.8 meters) only
 All other products have been discontinued.

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