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Arthur Loesch 1201B+ Power Supply

1201B+ Mono Power Supply
Based on a design originally developed for military and laboratory test equipment, the 1201B+ Power Supply is a separate tube regulated unit that's been updated and optimized for the Enigma Mono Preamplifier.
Features include:
  • Universal AC mains transformer for 120V or 240V worldwide operation (user switchable)
  • Tube rectification for slow turn-on
  • Complete protection via three front-mounted, fast-acting, circuit breakers.
  • User adjustable B+ output from 250 - 300 Volts DC
  • Highly regulated 6.3 Volt filament supply, accurate to within 1/2 of 1%
  • Illuminated DC Voltmeter
  • MilSpec parts throughout
  • Furutech FI-10(G) IEC AC inlet
  • A shielded, 6' (1.8 meter) 14 AWG detachable Quail AC line cord is supplied with every unit.
Although set for lowest ground potential prior to shipping, if required, AC phase can be reversed by switching the hot and neutral lines inside the chassis. Even if reversed, the power supply is always protected by independent circuit breakers on both sides. The convenience of front access, "push-to-reset" breakers eliminates the bother of fumbling with miniature fuses in hard to reach locations.
The 1201B+ Power Supply is included with the Enigma Mono Preamplifier (only one unit is required).
1201B+ Mono Power Supply

1201B+ Power SupplySpecifications
AC Mains Input120V @ 60Hz or 240V @ 50Hz, user switchable
On request, the power supply can be wired for 100V, 110V, or 220V at no extra charge.
Regulated DC Output250V-300V B+ (user adjustable)
6.3V Filament Supply (fixed)
Power Consumption
(Single Unit)
65 Watts @ 0.67 Amps
Tube Complement
(NOS USA and/or UK tubes supplied)
5V4 Rectifier
6FW5 Output
6AN8A Amplifier
12AT7 Amplifier
5651 Regulator
Dimensions (Single Unit)8.37" Wide x 16.0" Deep x 6.25" High, including feet,
(213 mm Wide x 406 mm Deep x 160 mm High)
Net Weight (Single Unit)23 lbs. (10.4 kg)
Shipping Weight (Single Unit)31 lbs. (14 kg)
Warranty10 years, transferable, on parts and labor. 90 days on vacuum tubes. Unauthorized parts substitution or modification(s) may void the warranty.

All features and specifications are subject to change withoout notice.
1201B+ Mono Power Supply


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