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Arthur Loesch Loudspeakers

The EP-1 Loudspeaker has been discontinued. This page is being left for historic reference.

EP-1 LoudspeakerEP-1 Loudspeaker
The EP-1 Loudspeaker has the uncanny ability to recreate the magic of a live performance in the intimacy of your own home. The listening room is transformed as the speakers disappear and musicians come to life right in front of you.
A unique interpretation of the D‘Appolito Configuration, the EP-1 is a virtual full-range unit that plays effortlessly with minimal amplification. Based on theoretical work first proposed by Harry F. Olsen and Dr. Joseph D'Appolito and refined by Dr. Arthur Loesch, the EP-1 utilizes a first order series crossover made up of only a single inductor and a single capacitor. Series crossover topography means there are no parts directly in the signal path -- the crossover is shunted across the driver terminals, rather than in front of them. As a result, sound staging, dynamics, and transparency are unrivaled.
To further simplify setup, the series design also eliminates the need for bi-wiring and multi-amplification. Because the crossover network presents the amplifier with a constant voltage source, EP-1 Loudspeakers can be driven to high SPL levels with less than 10 watts of power, making them an excellent match for the Series 300 Amplifiers.
All critical internal and external dimensions follow the mathematical principals of the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence. By its nature, this neutralizes internal standing waves and minimizes external diffractions.
Finally, the drivers are physically time-aligned in the vertical axis, rather than flush-mounted on a tilt-back panel. This means that time-alignment is constant over the entire plane of the cones' surface and not limited to a single point in space.
Features Include:
  • First order series crossover
  • Custom matched drivers for increased linearity
  • 1" (25.5mm) thick High-Density MDF cabinets, harmonically damped with unique anti-resonance materials
  • 2" (51mm) thick High-Density MDF woofer baffles
  • Teflon® insulated .999% pure silver wiring
  • Isolated crossovers in external enclosures
  • Integrated base
  • Free analysis of your listening room for optimum placement.
  • Threaded base for optional spikes. Recommended for use on low-pile carpeting and hardwood floors where leveling is necessary due to an uneven surface.
Frequency Response38Hz - 30kHz +/- 1dB
Power Requirements
(Per Channel)
7 Watts Minimum
150 Watts Maximum
Tweeter1" (28mm) soft dome, ferro fluid cooled
Woofers2 x 6˝" (165mm) mid-woofers featuring magnesium baskets, front-coated paper cones, non-resonant suspension coupled (NRSC) cone geometry, and non-resonant (NR) rubber surrounds
CrossoverSeries Type @ 2.5kHz
Nominal Impedance6 Ohms (Can be used with 4 or 8 Ohm amplifier tap)
CabinetHigh Density MDF
50" High x 13.5" Wide x 10" Deep
(1275mm High x 344mm Wide x 255mm Deep)
BaseHigh Density MDF
2" High x 15.5" Wide x 12" Deep
(51mm High x 395mm Wide x 306mm Deep)
Net Weight100 lbs. (45.5 kg) each

Price:Originally $8,000; Now Discontinued

EP-1 Prototypes Under Construction
Click on the image above for a preview of the EP-1 cabinets under construction.

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